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Zootly now makes moving as easy as ordering a car service. Zootly moves anything, anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Simply download the Zootly app, enter your details and our team of highly rated and Zootly Certified movers will be there to take the hassle out of your move. Whether it's booked in advance or a short-notice, same-day request; Zootly is here to help you "Move Happy" with full transparency and efficiency.
Our real-time tracking technology allows you to see your move happening from beginning to end. The best part? After a reasonable one-hour minimum, you only pay per minute! Enjoy the ease of a cashless transaction billed directly to your credit card and an itemized receipt in your inbox. No 3 or 4-hour minimums, no haggling on the phone, just click and confirm with Zootly! It's fast! It's easy! And you’re in total control. It's the modern way to move. Currently serving the New York metro area and most major Canadian cities.